Saturday, July 23, 2005

Single Moms: Stop Abusing Your Kids and Saying You Love Them

Women, try this recipe for happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids:

1. Become a person of Character
2. Carefully choose and court a man of Character
3. Get married
4. Have sex
5. Have children
6. Stay married for the rest of your lives

As opposed to what normally happens today:

1. Meet an attractive person
2. Date
3. Have sex (but not before the 3rd date—that would be slutty)
4. Move in together
5. Break up and move out
6. Repeat steps 1-3 at least 8 times, 1-5 at least twice.
7. Finally meet “Mr. Right”
8. Have sex. Lots of sex.
9. Move in together.
10. Get married so you can have kids
11. Have a kid, maybe two
12. Realize you have married a no-good bum and divorce
13. Work lots of hours at Wal-Mart trying to support your children
14. Complain openly and often about the plight of single moms, prompting your friends to give you tons of self-indulgent pity.
15. Have sex. Lots of sex.
16. Visit your grown children Sunday’s at the prison

Which list above most closely represents your life so far?

The best way to love your kids is to choose a man of character to be their father, then stay married to that man for the rest of your life.

Already screwed that up? Let’s think this through. Here’s a multiple choice question for any single mom:

I am a single mom because (choose one):

A. My husband died an untimely death
B. I was raped and decided to keep the baby.
C. I am a whore—I slept with someone I wasn’t married to and got pregnant. While that doesn’t mean my kid isn’t valuable, it does make me a whore.
D. I divorced my husband—I chose badly and didn’t get what I wanted from the relationship so I selfishly chose divorce over marriage.
E. My husband divorced me—I failed to prove my worth to him as a wife.

You see, there really aren’t too many options.

And if you had to choose something other than “A” or “B”, you’re a pretty selfish piece of work.

So, that addresses your past, but what about now? What about your current situation? What can you do to make your children’s life better?

Repent of your selfishness.

Then marry a man of character.

How do you find a man of character? First you have to be a person of real character yourself. Develop your own character. High quality men tend to marry high quality women.

Become a woman of character and a man of character will find you.

The second thing ought to go without saying. It should, but we have so perverted our culture it probably won’t. So here goes:

Stop having sex.

Don’t sleep with anyone you’re not married to.

You will be amazed how many more men of character will be attracted to you when they find you aren’t a whore. Whore’s are a dime a dozen—even at church. Just about any guy can get some extra-marital excitement with a little effort. Worthless guys won’t have anything to do with you if you aren’t a whore. Worthwhile guys won’t have anything to do with you if you are.

So, mom, you want to say you love your kids? Give them a father of character.


Anonymous said...

I did it th right way but a couple of years after my kids were born our life started going bad from finances and my husband started hitting me . Am i selfish because i want a divorce?

Anonymous said...

heavy word is whore who are you to even use that word what if your daughter is in the same situation turns out to be one for sure let people live in learn from their own mistakes and you live from your own let him without sin cast the first stone only God has the power to judge not you ya lowly man of the flesh.